1.Real dustproof waterproof

2.Seoul/Samsung lm301b top bin diodes

2.Integrated power supply design

3.Fin heat dissipation design

4.90 degree optical lens (magnifies PAR and increase canopy penetration by 150%)

5.Dimmability 2 dimmers included with capability to control full-spectrum and UV/FR separately.

6.Digital controller RJ11 Port optional

7.3 years warranty






Product Parameter

Version: 240w/480w/600w

Efficacy: 2.7umol/J
PPF: 648umol/s|1296umol/s|1620umol/s

PPFD(24"max): 662umol/m2/s|1167umol/m2/s|1605umol/m2/s

Footprint: 4ftx2ft|5ftx5ft|5ftx5ft

Driver: Meanwell Driver

Power wire: 1.8m